Legacy Portraits Package #2:     $1,100.00

  • 15 Digital Portraits and 15 (8x10) Prints (Same as digital portraits) ​​

What are Men's Environmental Portraits? These are portraits taken that share not only your image, but what is important to you. Here, we will include your life as a background to the image. Do you have a passion or an interest? With you in the forefront and your work, interest or location in the background Jenny Sarabia Portraits, LLC will help you tell your story. 

Men's Environmental Portrait

​Legacy Portraits

Legacy Portraits Package #1:     $1,500.00​​

  • 20 Digital Portraits and 20 (8x10) Prints (Same as digital portraits)

Legacy Portraits Package #3:     $700.00

  • 10 Digital Portraits and 10 (8x10) Prints (Same as digital portraits)

These family portraits are beyond your immediate family and share a family heritage like nothing else. From Great grandparents to great grandchildren including furry babies, your legacy will live on your walls and will be treasured forever. The day your family had their portrait taken will always be remembered. The experience of gathering together for one purpose, a shared interest, will be extraordinary. Jenny Sarabia Portraits, LLC’s legacy portraits are profoundly important to your history.

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High School Senior Portraits symbolize the next phase in a young person's life. These images are often the first time a young adult is sharing with their family who they are and what is important. These portraits will grace your walls and as the years pass they will remind you of a great time in your life. Jenny Sarabia Portraits, LLC will use high fashion techniques and offer multiple clothing changes. Our mobile office will serve as the dressing room.  Your family will be treated with exceptional service that corresponds with the importance of you legacy portraits.

Multi-Generational Family




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Jenny Sarabia Portraits, LLC is a photographic & video company providing high-end service. We focus on your family legacy. We're a people minded business that appreciates staying within a budget, but knowing that you deserve the best. A profoundly important aspect of Jenny Sarabia Portraits, LLC is providing legacy portraits that generations of your family will treasure. Men’s Environmental Portraits, High School Senior Portraits, Women’s Portraiture, and your ​Family’s Multi-Generational Portrait are legacy portraits. These are the types of portraits that we hold dear in our hearts. These are portraits that cause you to smile. They provoke a positive memory and at times helps us shed a tear.

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  • $50.00 retainer to hold your appointment (Retainer will be applied to order).
  • Three Legacy Portrait Packages listed below for your selection:

Women’s Portraiture is often the most neglected legacy portrait because it is often the mother who prioritizes her family. However, children and grandchildren yearn for images of their mother. Jenny has openly shared about her last portrait session with her mother because those images are the ones she sees everyday in her family home. Let Jenny Sarabia Portraits, LLC help you give a treasured memory to your family. You deserve having a portrait to share who you are and how you feel.